5 Most Entertaining Instant Apps for Android Users

Another research shows that about 50% of all smartphone users are buying goods and services over their phones. It is a huge number, and if you are a business owner, here is how you can benefit from creating your instant apps, or at least setting your web page for instant devices as well.
Instant apps will increase the speed. In a society wherever patience is not a virtue, waiting for a page to download can be frustrating. It is even more visible on instant phones, where we are often limited by the amount of the data that can be transferred. Instant Apps make things much better since all the necessary data is already stored in the app. So, there is no delay, and that information that needs to be downloaded may be done while the app works on something else.

You can store more information in an instant app. Your phone, even with a memory card, has a limited storage space. Besides, because of the internet speed, it is not practicable to store your data on the internet in most parts of the world. On the other hand, you may store big pieces of information, such as videos in different apps, and another significant advantage of this approach is that you can access them in no time.
Lots of instant apps are introduced and available to download for free or a very less prize. But we are not sure which is the most entertaining app for our device which app will be loved by everyone and easy to use. Here are five most entertaining instant apps available in the Android market now.

Fortune Scanner

This app is developed by TeensGoneGaming. This is the most active app to giving you updated information about your fortune. If you are interested to know about your fortune what your future says then just scan your finger and know the interesting thing of your future. You can do it on a regular basis by just paying just less than 1 dollar to download this app. It will take 2 minutes to download, and the minimum operating system required to run this app is Android 2.2.

Talking Arnold the Elf Pro

Talking Arnold is developed by Genera Interactive. This is a funny app which will make you laugh. Whatever you want to talk with him he will answer with a funny sound. You can poke him, pull his ears, cheeks and he will produce an interesting sound. He will sing for you also. Get this app on your android device and make your friends laugh with Talking Arnold’s funny sound. With this app, you can customize your friends’ photos and surprise them by sending their customized photos, videos with your customized messages as well. This is very funny app for your Android phone.

Ghost Detector HD

This amazing app is developed by PELU. Ghost detector HD for iPad is now available on Android devices. If you believe that Ghosts are there and you want to feel their presence, then this app will help you. If there is any paranormal activity or any sources of magnetic emissions within 0 to 30 feet of radius, then the radar of your phone will provide an indication of their presence. It will not show any indications at constant frequencies like TV, instant phones, etc. Android 1.5 is the minimum operating system requirement for this application.

Cartoon Movies Pro

Now Cartoon shows are on your finger tip. Your children now get fun from lots of cartoon movies. Cartoon Movies Pro will give you more than 50 cartoon movies and lots of cartoon tv channels. You will enjoy this app with free of ads. This is developed by Techcell. Less than 10 seconds time will require downloading this app and Android 1.5 is the minimum operating system for this app.

Millionaire Quiz Game

This application will help you to become a millionaire! Isn’t it so interesting only by an android application you can become reach? This is a quiz game app through which you will find more than 13 questions, and each question has four possible answers. You will get instant score updates on your phone’s screen. This app also helps lots of quiz contests. In this app there are more than 1500 questions and all are from the USA, UK, and India. Each question is unique. This is very funny application; you can feel like a millionaire after giving all the answers correct.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of the instant apps, not just for the ordinary users, but for different businesses as well. If you want to benefit from this trend, think well about different strategies you may use in this area to get the best possible results. Big advantage for you is that we are still at the beginning of this process, and if you choose to go this way, you will be among the first one to benefit from this rising trend. Don’t miss this opportunity, research it a little bit and find the best possible solution for you and your business.