A home with a carpet is unlike any other homes that does not have carpets. Only home owners that have carpets in their homes can know the difference. A carpet is considered to be as a functioning décor of the home. It is considered as a décor because it could come in many different styles, measurements, design, color, texture and patterns. Carpets could be an eye candy for everyone; there are so many to choose from, so there are carpets for everyone such as those who love girly designs or styles, for those that prefer plain looking ones and there are also carpets for people who prefer to have edgy designs and colors.

A carpet is also labeled as functional because it truly plays a role in the level of comfort of your home. It transforms the room or the home into a much comfortable place to live in for you and for everyone living in the home. All you have to do is to purchase a carpet that you truly love and place it anywhere that you would like in your own home since you are the one who could decide for your home. But, the most ideal place where you could place a carpet is in the bedrooms, in the living room and dining room. Furthermore, playing mix and match with the carpet in your home sounds so much fun but the hard part comes in maintaining the carpet that you place in your homes. There could be times when you could not do it all on your own, so you could always choose to call Carpet Cleaning Greeley since they are the experts in the field of carpet cleaning and maintenance.

But, if you would like to move and do stuff on your own that would be beneficial for your carpet and for the entire home to make your carpet look and smell fresh then you should do these following tips and tricks:

Baking soda is your friend

If you want to make your carpet look, smell and stay fresh for a long time, you should always have baking soda on hand. Every single time you clean your carpets, do not forget to put a little bit of baking soda to the surface of the carpet because it could suck out all of the nasty scent and odor from dust, dirt or any particles that could be in your carpet. Also, this does not hurt you and your wallet since baking soda is very affordable and you could buy it any supermarkets or groceries everywhere.

Everyday should be vacuum day

The more times you vacuum, the more times you try to get all of the unnecessary junk and dirt out from your precious carpet. You should try to do it every day just to be sure that there are no particles from food or other nasty stuff could cause odor, discoloration or damage to the carpet and its fibers. Vacuuming is a very easy chore you can do.

If you apply these tips and tricks in your carpet, it will surely last you a lifetime.