Best Window Options for Sound Proofing

Ease of use, aesthetics, and energy efficiency should be the things to look for as you choose replacement windows Wisconsin. But, if you have noisy neighbor kids or you are currently living within a busy intersection, you may consider having soundproof windows to prevent the noise from reaching within your home. For this, you will need the greatest windows that are suited for soundproofing

Sound-blocking windows qualities to look for: 

Thicker glass 

Sounds will find it difficult to pass through thick windows due to greater mass. Panes must be nearly ½ inch thick to optimize the effectiveness in terms of soundproofing your home. 

Multiple glass panes 

A fundamental single-pane window performs little transfer of noise and heat. Meanwhile, triple- or double-pane windows tend to be more efficient as insulators of sounds. For the most optimized soundproofing, search for windows that have beyond one-inch thickness as you consider all the panes. 

Laminated glass 

Laminated glass is also referred to as security glass. This is one of the window’s characteristics that help block sound that translates and bonds together heat-strengthen glass with a thin layer of plastic. The main function of laminated glass is to increase the security of your home. Although, windows that are plastic-coated noticeably minimize the noise transfer from the outside. 

Wider air gaps 

Widening the distance between window panes can reduce the sound transfer even more. You can also look for window inserts that are setup 4 inches behind the current window you have. The additional dead space between the panes could have a great impact on sound transfer, which depends on the window size and the kind of noise that comes from the outside.  

Ways to make your home more soundproof 

Aside from replacing your windows with different types intended to prevent the noise from coming indoors, you can consider taking the following steps to optimize your home’s soundproof qualities even further.  

Seal window frames that have leaked to close the gaps. This can help for sounds to travel through well. This includes adding weather stripping and caulking stationary gaps to moveable components.  

Insulate the walls  

Enhancing the insulation aids in keeping the sound out of your house as insulating the interior walls minimizes noise transfer from one room to another.  

Use a white noise machine 

Drown the outside noise from the outside by running a white noise machine. This is particularly effective once trains and traffic horns usually disrupt your sleep. 

Hang thick curtains 

This is a must to fade the passing sound from the outside through the glass. 

Compact your house with soft textiles. 

Your home should be filled with soft textiles, which penetrate the sounds instead of bouncing it over your room. 

If you want to have a soundproofed room, you should think about the steps to achieve it. If you’re still unsure, never hesitate to contact the experts from Window Concepts Milwaukee to help you out. Visit their website and check out all their products and services available.